One-time Events

Fundraising Events

Hosting a Clothing Drive Fundraiser Event with us is an amazing way for your group to earn substantial revenue twice a year (Spring & Fall). Our program trumps any other fundraising event you can think of. You are not selling anything; you are simply asking people to donate their unwanted clothing and shoes to your organization.

The EPA estimates that each person in the US generates about 70 pounds of unwanted clothing and shoes per year! Yes, 70 pounds! If you could collect a fraction of that from your community it adds up unbelievably fast!

The steps to organizing your fundraiser event are simple:

Schedule/Promote Your Fundraising Event
  • Contact us and agree on a pick up date & time
  • Contact the local papers with our supplied press release
  • Print out our supplied promotional flyers
  • Send flyer/letter home with Students/Members
  • Use supplied promotion idea list to further increase collection
Organize Your Fundraising Event
  • Find area in your building to collect the clothes in (i.e. School Gym)
  • Put up signs to direct people to the drop off zone
  • Schedule volunteers in shifts (usually two at a time) to help donors and give receipts. The collection should run two to three days.
  • On pick up day have four to six volunteers ready at pick up time to help load the truck.
  • Contents are then taken back to our facility and put on our scales.
  • You will receive your check in three business days!

Fundraising Event Ideas - Clothing Drive Fundraiser