Clothing Drive Fundraiser – Frequently Asked Questions

No, ClothingDriveFundraiser.Com only offers NO COST fundraising solutions!
This is perhaps our most asked question. It is not uncommon for a successful drive to raise over $1500.00. While we pay at some of the highest rates in the country, the rate is in constant flux due to global demand and currency exchange rates. The rate will be reflected in writing on your collection agreement. While we may not always be the absolute highest there are other important factors to consider when selecting a Clothing Drive/ Shoe Drive partner. These factors include honesty, collection support, and professionalism. Our competitive rates and our unmatched customer service make ClothingDriveFundraiser.Com your best choice. We will do whatever we can to coach you into a very successful drive. We view our relationship as a partnership. We need quality used clothing and your need money for your cause! It’s a Win- Win.
We do have a modest minimum for collection pick up (150-350 full bags) this is dictated on how far away you are located from our facility in Orange County, New York. We can accommodate pick ups on any day of the week. In order to pay our partner groups the most for their collection we must work on a razor thin margin. It is very expensive for us from a trucking and labor perspective to be able to pick up your collection for no charge. Please contact us for the specific minimum for your area, and remember you always have the option of delivering it to us without any minimum bag count.
We recommend holding a Clothing Drive Fundraiser twice a year. Clothing donations run in cycles in the North East. For best results pick a date during September through December and another March through June. Should your fundraising needs fall in between these times, that’s fine too! Our calendar fills quickly so the earlier you schedule the better.
A Clothing Drive Fundraiser is a one time event with a given start and end point. You promote your event to your community utilizing provided flyer templates, social media and local paper/websites. You are simply asking people to clean out their closets and bag the items in tied trash bags. This is a very easy proposition, especially because everyone has unwanted items in their closets. You then collect the clothing and shoes at a central location from anywhere from one day to several weeks (that’s up to you). On a set date and time our driver comes with a large truck and your volunteers help load the truck. The truck returns to our facility and the bags of clothing are unloaded into giant creates and weighed on our large pallet scale. We will report back to you in a few days with your group’s weight and dollar amount.
In this instance, the more the merrier. We ask that you make arrangements to have a minimum of two people per one hundred bags.
The most important request is that your only collect items from individual donors. We do not want items left over from a thrift store, yard sale or a community clothing closets. We want original untouched wearable donations just as your supporters donated them. We know it’s tempting but please do not go through the bags and remove any items. In order for this to work we need a high percentage of quality wearable items. When quality items are pulled out by someone in your organization we loose significant value and will not be able to extend this great program to your group again. We work with razor thin margins and removing just 1% of the quality items can cause us to lose money on your drive. Please be honest with us, as we will be honest with your payment!
We ask for everything to be in well-tied 13 or 33-gallon trash bags. Ideally while not a deal breaker we ask that donors bag clothing, footwear/accessories, and toys into three separate bags and you keep separate piles for time of pick up. If this is too much for your group to handle logistically it’s ok, but ideally this is what we would prefer.
We are not a non-profit entity so we do not issue receipts directly. However, we can furnish you with a customizable tax receipt template that you (as the non profit) can provide your donors for tax purposes.
ClothingDriveFundrasier.Com and it’s parent Synergy In-Kind donation Management are committed to reducing waste and giving your cast offs another life. Rest assured someone down the street or around the globe will wear your quality items again!

45% is reused as apparel both here and abroad. This represents all the new and gently worn items we collect. We never cut usable items up!
30% of recovered textiles are cut into wiping rags or polishing
20% is reprocessed into its basic fiber content, then remanufactured into insulation
5% is unusable- if the materials are wet, moldy or contaminated with solvents

Participating in the Donation Station program is a great way for your organization to passively raise sustainable income on a monthly basis. You simply provide a location on your grounds (minimum one year commitment) and promote the donation station to your members and the community at large and we do the rest. A successful Donation Station can raises between $250.00-$750.00 a month.

We will provide the donation station, custom signage, and liability insurance. We will service the unit weekly or as needed. You are then mailed a check on a monthly basis. This program provides another revenue stream by simply collecting unwanted clothing and shoes for reuse from both your captive audience of group members and the outside community should you chose to extended it outside your group’s sphere of influence. We can provide our aesthetically pleasing donation station or a custom designed traditional metal clothing donation bin.

Our Sneaker/Shoe Drive program is for groups that are outside our service area for clothing drives or who wish to maximize their fundraising potential who do not have enough room to store bags and bags of clothing associated with a clothing drive. You will earn significantly more money per pound and it will require much less space to store your collection until day of pick up. Please email us to receive program specifics and us to receive the most up to date pricing.