Collect Donated Clothing Year Round

Clothing Drive Fundraiser’s Clothing Collection Station provides an opportunity for your organization to earn sustainable income every month by simply collecting unwanted clothing & shoes from your community.

You need to simply provide one parking space and an area in your parking lot near the road for a small A-Frame sign. We do the rest! We provide a beautiful custom drop off station at no charge to your organization. We maintain and insure the provided custom drop off station at no cost to your organization! We will empty it as needed and pay you for each pound your station collects on a monthly basis. We simply ask that you promote it to your members and the community.

  • We pay the most per pound of any similar program.
  • We provide the most attractive custom donation stations in the industry.
  • We have the knowledge to help your fundraising program get up and running fast – yielding your group considerable funds every month!
  • We truly view you as a partner and will do whatever it takes to insure your success!

Typical sheds earn between $350-1000 a month just by collecting unwanted clothing & Shoes.

Year Round Clothing Collection Stations | Clothing Drive Fundaiser